“A short but AMAZING visit…!!!!”

My Aruban friend and I decided to make a small trip to the island of Bonaire to learn kitesurfing. Much quieter than Aruba I remember the beautiful clear ocean and consistent breeze from previous visits.
After looking around a bit on the internet we found this cozy little place called Bamboo Bali and decided to give it a try. Although they mostly cater to couples they were friendly enough to separate our beds and make it suitable for just us friends.
We were greeted at the small Flamingo Airport by Susan, the regular taxi driver that the resort had arranged. She brought us to the resort where we met Debbie. Debbie’s the front office clerk and she’s really great. It was late in the evening but while walking to our cottage we could tell this was a little jungle garden with so many plants and flowers.
We had an early start the next day to begin our kitesurfing experience. Debbie was able to guide us to a great place to eat within walking distance to the resort called ” Between two Buns ” In the meantime she was able to secure one of the resorts rental trucks to make it easier for us to explore the whole island. All was so easy and so relaxed…!!!!
When you are staying at Bamboo Bali you have the feeling you are there all by yourself. The cottages are spacious but the private outside space is what really surprised us. We love sitting outside hearing the birds and chatting about the day to come. The warm jacuzzi was also very welcome after the 2nd day of kitesurfing left us with some sore muscles 😉
Overall, we loved our 5 day stay on Bonaire and especially this lovely little place we were able to call home during this vacation.
We were able to get some good kite lessons in even though the wind later in the week died out.
But we just figure we improve our skills when we make our next trip to the island since Aruba is just a short flight away.
Debbie, Anno & Vera keep up the good work and see you back soon.
All the best from Aruba!!
– Lars & Bas

Reviewed on December 22, 2016
By HosteriaMandala

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