“December 2017 Stay”

We had our second stay at Bamboo Bali just before the holidays in 2017. It had been a few years since our last stay and we were really impressed with how they just keep improving the place. Several units were renovated or added on to and they had added a nice walkway through the whole property. The units are very well laid out and have a really modern feel and great beds. The resort has amazing landscaping with more plants and trees than you can count. The staff is always gracious and the location is ideal for diving your brains out or just chilling out. We did the dive and drive option which included a nice truck from AB and tanks from Wannadive. We really like Wannadive as they are very laid back and fun folks. They also always have tanks at the ready. After 10 trips to the island when someone asks where is my favorite place to stay I always say Bamboo Bali. No, it is not on the water but it isn’t far and after a day of diving I am fine with drying out and listening to the trade winds in the palms. We will be planning our next trip back soon.

Reviewed on December 22, 2016
By HosteriaMandala

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