Pools & Jacuzzi’s

On our boutique resort you find a saltwater lounge pool and  jacuzzi available for all guests. The lounge pool & jacuzzi are accessible any time of the day or evening! Would you like to enjoy your own private jacuzzi or plunge pool? Stay in one of our Superior Cottages with private saltwater jacuzzi or enjoy a private magnesium plunge pool.

Advantages of the Magnesium Plunge Pool!
Magnesium has been known for its healing effects for thousands of years. It’s not only used in pools, but also in spas and various massage therapies. Especially people with (chronic) nerve conditions and muscle- or skin problems benefit a lot from its use.

Magnesium relaxes the muscles, detoxifies the body and decreases stress and pain. You will  no longer experience red eyes, breathing problems and chlorine smells. On top of that, magnesium contributes to softer skin and hair!

> Superior Cottage with private magnesium plunge pool
> Superior Cottage with private saltwater jacuzzi 


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