Bonaire: What You Should Know About This Caribbean Paradise

Where is Bonaire?

Adding the “B” to the ABC islands, Bonaire lies in the Dutch Caribbean Sea, next to Aruba and Curacao.

Fun fact: Bonaire also has its very own little private island called “Klein Bonaire” (translates to “Little Bonaire”).

Where is Bonaire
Indian-Inscriptions Bonaire

A little history

The original inhabitants of the Island were the Caquetio Indians who made this Bonaire their home. When going sightseeing on Bonaire, make sure to visit one (or more) of the caves where the Caquetio rock paintings are preserved.

During the slave period, Bonaire served as a plantation for the Dutch West India Company. During this period of time, a number of African slaves were left on this island to work along with convicts and Indians. To this day, when visiting Bonaire, you will be able to visit the old slave huts, which were used for sleeping and storing the personal belongings of the slave workers.

Since 2010 Bonaire is part of the Netherlands as a special municipality.

The top Caribbean destination for diving and eco-adventures

Known as the best shore diving destination in the Caribbean, dive enthusiasts will not be disappointed when diving the clear blue waters of Bonaire. Most hotels and resorts will rent diving equipment, so no need to worry about bringing your own.

Because most of the dive spots are easily accessible from shore, most of your dives can be done independently without the need of a guide. However, we do recommend always having a diving buddy for extra safety. When it comes to on-island eco-adventures where you can stay dry, the island packs a punch! Go biking the many different trails, hiking, caving, birdwatching and more. Participating in eco-adventures will require purchasing a nature pass which can be used throughout your stay.

Bonaire diving
Bonaire snorkeling

Weather? Perfection year-round

Unlike most of the Caribbean region, Bonaire (and it’s neighboring islands) lie outside the Hurricane Belt. While during the hurricane season most Caribbean islands will experience their “low season”, the ABC islands tend to attract many tourists because of the pristine weather conditions. Sunshine is guaranteed during your visit, no matter what time of the year you decide to come, so make sure you pack that sunscreen (preferably reef safe), and get ready for the ultimate Caribbean experience.

Where to stay

With regards to being centrally located, it doesn’t matter all that much where your hotel is located, as most island activities are located within a 20-minute drive. Choosing your hotel or resort will mostly come down to which type of traveler you are. If you’re traveling as a couple looking for a romantic and private getaway, a boutique hotel like Bamboo Bonaire is perfect for you. Bamboo is also perfect for divers, as their accommodations provide a home away from home experience, where you can hop in and out with a fully independent feeling. Bonus: They also offer unlimited dive tanks (with FREE Nitrox upgrade) provided by VIP Diving. No matter where you choose to stay, it is highly recommended that you rent a pick-up truck to enhance your island experience

Sailing Bonaire

When to visit

Bonaire is a great island to visit year-round. As we mentioned, the weather is always sunny.

We’d recommend planning a 7-day or more visit to be able to experience all the activities the island has to offer. Because the island is small, you will never experience a crowded feel, which makes your vacation so much more enjoyable, no matter what time of year you decide to come.

So what are you waiting for? Start packing your bags and get ready for sun, fun and relaxation.

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